Ashley Johnson by Carlos Nunez


he IS wearing a waistcoat under his new jacket okay bye x


colin filming in killian’s new modern clothes (august 19th) [x]

Angry Killian. (x)

And i’m reminded that i’m a failure and that I should settle for less than what I want in life…

My little BJD family. still waiting on one more guy thoughhh.

Killian (silver haired guy) is a Souldoll Vito Lester
Ellie (blue hair) Is a Souldoll Diammah
Akemi (Yosd) is a Illusion Spirit Songxiao Ta

Killian’s hubby will be here soon.. He will be a Souldoll Vito Haim :3




ok so last night i wrote a drabble for a fanfic that i’m writing for a friend about this picture, i do not know who drew this.. so if somebody does know or finds them.. please reblog and edit so they have been credited.. here is my story.. undedited.

Alice one day was playing in a feild close to her home, she had been playing with a ball and had kicked it so hard it had gone into the dark scary forest. She didn’t want to go into the forest fearing of what might come from there, tales of a tall man with long skinny arms was said to live in the scary forest, it wad called slender’s forest. But, Alice didn’t want to leave her ball just out there, her mom had bought it for her on her birthday, So, Alice took a deep breath and got the courage to go in and look for it. She walked deeper and deeper into the forest trying to find the pink ball, She then saw it on the ground and ran to it, but before she could get it, some long skinny arms grabbed for it, her heart pounded fast in her chest as she looked up to see who it was. She had been waiting for a scary boogy man, but she was greeted with a faceless face, it almost seemed like it was sad, maybe even loneyly, But he spoke; “Child, what are you doing so far out in this forest? it is not safe here..” Alice was put back with the tone of care in the slender man’s voice ” i had kicked my ball too hard and it came into the forest.. i’m sorry..” The slender man chuckeld a soft and warm chuckle, that in which reminded her of her father, who had died not even a year ago, “Child.. what is your name?” Alice looked down “Alice..” “Alice… do you have anyone to play with?” she shook her head ” no.. all the children think i am weird.. and my mommy dosn’t pay attention to me.. so i come out side to play with myself” The Slender man was taken back and saddened, he understood how it felt to to be an outcast, but he was also angry with the mother; to not take care of your own child was horrible. ” I will be your friend.. Alice.. you may come to me whenever you want to play.. or even talk.. as long as you promise me to never come into the forest without me..” She smiled brightly up at him ” i promise!” Even though the slender man did not have a face, she felt like he too was grinning with her. 



I just had a straight guy tell me “Gah I love lesbians” and before I could even say anything, he added, “because, ya know, they like the same thing I do and sometimes it’s nice to get advice from a girl instead of guys who think making love is just repeatedly putting your dick in something, ya know?” And I have never been more proud of the human race.

i was very mad and then i wasn’t 

"I can’t imagine losing someone you love like that" | THE LAST OF US

"Peter Pan’s suppose to live forever."

---RIP Robin Williams (via facefalsereality)





I humanized the Magic School Bus, since it’s Ms Frizzle’s TARDIS equivalent! I mean, she IS a Timelord right? And the cliche of overused references ensued!

wow she certainly is 



this post changed my life forever